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We at Hoarding Help Central want to reach people who are in need. With your help, we can find even more people in hoarding situations. And you can benefit too!

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Whether someone is a hoarder, family member, landlord, or service provider, hoarding is a complicated and difficult situation. At Hoarding Help Central, you will find information about hoarding for you and the people you serve.


You’re never alone. We are in this together. As a Hoarding Help Central affiliate partner, you will have direct access to training, checklists, and 1:1 collaboration. When you succeed, we both help those impacted by hoarding!


Case managers,, social workers, professional organizers, funeral directors, and others have first-hand knowledge of hoarding situations. As an affiliate partner, you can advertise your services and link to your site on Hoarding Help Central. We also offer a generous commission rate for booked jobs. Depending on the size of the job, commission could range from $100 to $1000!

Affiliate Profiles

Our affiliates are funeral directors, social workers, case managers, and professional organizers and many other professionals

Case manager

Anne is a case manager with a social services agency. Her clients often need help with light housekeeping because they are physically unable to do it themselves. Occasionally, though, she finds a client whose home is filled with clutter, garbage, food, and sometimes animal waste. In these cases, Anne needs both information on how to work with the hoarder and help getting the home back to a clean and healthy condition!

Funeral director

A family Mr. Howard was working with mentioned the daunting task of clearing out and cleaning up their loved one’s home now that he had passed. Howard was happy he could offer information on hoarding cleanup to the family to help make this difficult time a little easier.

Professional organizer

After clearing out their home, hoarders may want to work with someone to create systems and keep their home neat and clean. In these cases, the clean-up company can offer the names of professional organizers, like Clara, who can come in to provide the needed guidance. This can be the beginning of a long-term solution for the hoarder!

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Why Hoarding Help Central?

We at Hoarding Central want to help people who are in need. We know that Hoarding is a complicated and difficult situation in which to be. We are here to help but we know we can do more by partnering with other individuals who also want to help ;like yourselves

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